Monday, 20 August 2007

Ok. Those in the know might be assuming that this blog is going to be all about football in general and about Sheffield United in particular. Well at times that may well be a sound assumption to make. But it will be about more than that. Why confine a rant to football when there is politics, religion, the BBC (the broadcasting organisation rather than the notorious 1980's football hard crew!) the Guardian, low level anti-social behaviour fact all the sorts of issues which give grumpy old men like me the goat! So in true Al Murray fashion 'my rules'.

I thought pride of place for my very first blog has to be one of my all time hero's Neil Warnock who put the pride and passion back into the Blades after years of decline and mediocrity. I was privilaged to attend one of Neil's book signings recently in Wakefield. A great man and a super blade who will be sadly missed. I would recommend his book if you want to read about a guy who actually wrote his autobiography because he had a story to tell as opposed to the early twenty something vacuous premiership footballers who think that the news that they have to go to bed with the light on is a big enough reason to fork out the £20 odd quid. First rant over...that feels quite good.

Anyway a class book by a class man.


Deacon Sue said...

the chap on the right is really good looking.....!

Anonymous said...

Written with such passion as to make you eligible for free membership of the LUFC appreciation society.

D Wise.

Rock in the Grass said...

how about a word on the oval ball game?

Rock in the Grass said...

amazing game between England and Australia: well done!