Saturday, 20 October 2007

Bad Day for the Blademan

The day started brightly enough. Rangers dumped Celtic 3-0. Then things started to deteriorate. But why was I surprised? The Blades squeezed an undeserved draw out of what should have been a home banker against the 'mighty' Preston. The Pigs (Sheffield Wednesday for the uninitiated - I will never ever refer to them by name again!) had an unaccountable 4-2 win away at Stoke. And to the main event......we lost against South Africa and the southern hemisphere video referee. Lets not even bother. If you cant be big enough then fine.

Going to bed. Am I in a minority who does not actually care whether Lewis Hamilton wins the F1 championship? Who cares?

Up the Blades! Swing Low!

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Rock in the Grass said...

My brother - God loves you very very much