Wednesday, 17 October 2007

Front Row Carnage: Spot the Difference

Everyone knows that forwards win matches. Backs decide by how many. So rest assured. On Saturday the Chariots will prevail. And where we will really turn the screw is in the front row. And the reason?

One Andrew Sheriden. He's the decent, polite, mild mannered looking young man on the left. That is off the pitch according to those who know him well. However on the pitch he is 20 stones of solid grief for opposing props (particularly woosy Australian ones). However I dont think he discriminates according to nationality, colour or creed. Anyone crazy enough to think they can scrum against him get blown away, politely but often with a bit of shoeing (but only on soft tissue)

So what have South Africa got to counter act this threat (or should I say promise?) Why none other than the up and coming, photogenic Bull of Blomfontein, Oz Du Randt, pictured here on the right talking tactics with the Bok's imported Aussie 'guru' Eddie (soon to be second time loser) Jones. It's obviously a change of emphasis from the bootcamp concept. Eddie is evidently trying to introduce a more relaxed approach to nutrition and training which is obviously suiting Oz down to the ground. 50 rand (thats £3.50!) prize for the winner of the caption contest.
56 hours to go. Swing Low!

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